How can I track my Google PPC results?

Google Ads is Google’s online advertising solution that allows individuals and brands to pay for ads. These ads can be displayed on Google search engine results, websites, YouTube, shopping tab, Google Maps, and more.

You want to be able to track the results of all your marketing initiatives. Especially the ones that cost you money. Google Ads can help increase your traffic, leads, and conversions greatly, but you need the data to ensure you are in the right direction.

There are several ways to track results for your Google PPC ads.

The first step to tracking your Google PPC results is determining what type of metrics you want to measure.

There are different types of conversions you can track:

  • Tracking for your website to measure how many users sign up for newsletters, make a purchase, or complete some other action on your website because of clicking on your PPC ad.
  • Tracking for mobile app conversions to measure how many users install your app or make an in-app purchase because of clicking on your PPC ad.
  • Tracking phone calls from your ads or website to measure how many leads you get because of your PPC ad.
  • Tracking offline conversions to measure how many people are visiting your store or calling your store because of clicking on your PPC ad.

Once you identify which type of conversions you want to track, you can set up conversion tracking using your Google Ads account. You will be able to set up which metrics to track, such as newsletter sign up or purchases, segment your different conversion tracking into categories, indicate how much your business values each conversion metric, and start tracking.

You can also select conversion windows to indicate how far you want to follow users after ad clicks and how long you want to store tracking information.

If you need help tracking and managing your Google PPC ad results, contact us for help today.