How does poor site maintenance result in vulnerabilities?

If your business uses a website, you know the importance of regular good quality site maintenance.

As with all your digital marketing assets, your website needs a strategic maintenance routine to ensure its performance. But besides ensuring the best performance for your website, regular maintenance also ensures your website is always safe and secure. Otherwise, your website can face security vulnerabilities.

For example, if WordPress or another content management system (CMS) identifies security threats or bugs on their platform, they will release an updated version of the CMS with improved security measures.

Poor site maintenance means your website isn’t leveraging the security fixes that protect it from hackers and cyberattacks. It leaves your website open to security vulnerabilities such as:

  • SQL injections that use application code to access and corrupt your databases.
  • Cross-site scripting manipulates client-side script in the user’s browser to hijack browsing sessions, redirect users to malicious sites, and more.
  • Security misconfigurations give hackers access to confidential information and can result in the entire system shutting down.
  • Broken authentication and poor session management allow hackers to hijack a user’s active browsing session to assume their identity and use their information.
  • Insecure direct object references expose a reference to an internal implementation object and give hackers access to a user’s personal data.

These security vulnerabilities can cause costly losses that not only damage your digital assets but can also harm your business’s reputation.

That’s why updating your website consistently, ensuring your website and CRM software have the latest security releases and taking advantage of new features and integrations to enhance the safety and performance of your website are important.

If you need help developing and executing consistent site maintenance to ensure your website is always operating at its best, contact us for help today.