How to sell using social media?

Social selling is the process of using a brand’s social media platforms to sell. Social sellers focus on connecting with prospects, delivering personalized messages and experiences, and ensuring potential leads are engaged.

When marketers and sales representatives focus on social selling, they build customer relationships based on trust, credibility, and interest. It’s more effective than other marketing initiatives, such as cold calling, because social sellers emphasize the quality of experience delivered to each prospect.

Social sellers attract 45% more sales than their peers and are 51% more likely to reach their sales quota.

Since social selling is so effective, it’s important to leverage social media efficiently.

The first step to selling on social media effectively is understanding the social sales process compared to an old sales process.

An old sales process uses cold calls and sales demos to qualify leads. Think about when a random company reaches out or when people go door-to-door for product demonstrations.

A social sales model generates leads by leveraging a business’s social network to educate and engage with prospects. Social sellers deliver more value to prospects, which is why it’s more effective than traditional selling.

Now that you understand the goal of social selling, let’s delve deeper into how you can sell using social media.

  1. Create a professional social media profile.

Your profile is the face of your company, quite literally. A professional profile that’s clean, informative, and interesting demonstrates authority and credibility.

  1. Identify the best platforms to leverage for social selling.

Not all social platforms will serve you well, but there are tons of options. Identify where your audience is and which platform will help you effectively sell.

  1. Connect with the right people.

You can’t solve everyone’s problems, so it’s important to target the right audience. Once you identify your target market, start interacting with prospects and develop meaningful interactions that encourage them to become sales leads.

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