Is Intent Data Worth It? Breaking Down the True Value of Intent Data

So, you bought hook, line and sinker into the concept of an insights tool like 6th Sense or ZoomInfo. You spent the extra $10k+ to get the intent data, and now you aren’t seeing a noticeable increase in sales or your MRR, and you may be wondering why.

We have thoughts on this. This generally occurs because the data wasn’t current enough, you didn’t act on the data fast enough and/or the communications in your marketing didn’t align with the intent.

Usually, it’s the first two. Think about when you are considering a purchase for your company. The plan is to achieve what you need monthly and quarterly so if you recognize you need to purchase something, how long does that intent exist before you make a purchase? Fairly quickly. 

Most times, when sales teams follow up on intent data, it is not current enough and, even with intent data, the follow-up with prospects is still cold. Not to mention, if you are selling business-to-business to professional prospects, the days of automated mass emails are over. So, if you also bought the upgrade for that, you may want to reconsider.

As a sales and marketing leader, what you need is the following:

  1. An insights tool for research and data to research prospects – not to generate lists and mass email.
  2. Automation in your CRM to nurture prospects by automated email – not the same as mass cold-email outreach.
  3. Quality, well-researched sales lists for your team to follow up – in the CRM.
  4. High-value prospects whose needs are evident and who have engaged with your brand. Prospects you can act on now.

I probably just saved you $30k-$40k in unnecessary tech stack. Now, if your organization is large and has a massive sales team, sometimes the automations in these insights tools are needed because the demand from the sales team is so great. But, if your sales team is under 10 people, you are not big enough to invest in these expensive tools because these tools have to be driven by your sales and marketing team. They are the drivers.

Let them focus on selling rather than list generation then watch as your expenses drop and revenue numbers soar.

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