Is Your Landing Page Not Converting? Follow This Strategy


Your Google Ads, social media campaigns, and outbound emails are all generating plenty of clicks, driving visitors to your landing page. But then…nothing. Your conversion rate is nowhere near what you want it to be.

Does this sound familiar? If your landing page isn’t converting it’s most likely because you haven’t sufficiently homed in on your buyer persona. Even agency-managed landing pages fail because well-meaning developers try to include too much, whether it’s ad copy, intra-linking, navigation bars, or multiple CTAs.

Here’s how to develop a landing page that’s laser-focused on converting visitors.

Is Your Landing Page Not Converting? Follow This Strategy

Are you familiar with Hick’s Law? Psychologist William Edmund Hick determined that the more choices you offer someone, the longer they take to decide. So, if you direct a visitor to your landing page with too much information, they’ll likely become overwhelmed and leave without converting.

That doesn’t mean your landing page should be one big CTA button. It needs to be simple but targeted. You’re drilling narrowly and deeply.

  • Know your buyer persona

The first step is establishing your buyer persona. What are their pain points? This is important for several reasons.

First, you need to build trust. If a buyer comes to your website and they feel like you don’t understand their needs, they’re not going to reach out. This can be reflected in your ad copy, which can be further solidified with testimonials from similar clients.

Second, you need to be consistent. If you’re throwing out multiple messages to see what sticks then visitors will become confused and leave. Understanding your buyer persona means knowing what they need to hear and then building a cohesive message around that.

Finally, you need to create urgency. If you can’t articulate your buyer persona’s pain points as clearly as possible, they’re not going to feel compelled to convert.

Once you have your messaging established, you’re reading to create a high-converting landing page.

  • Keep it simple

Your landing page should have just one offer with one CTA that targets that pain point as specifically as possible.

Research shows that landing pages with one CTA link have an average conversion rate of 13.5 per cent compared to five or more at 10.5 per cent. However, nearly 70 per cent of businesses have five or more CTA links on their landing pages.

And if you have multiple offers for different pain points then make separate landing pages instead of directing all traffic to just one. Businesses with 10 to 15 landing pages increase conversions by 55 per cent compared to businesses with 10 or fewer. And businesses with over 40 landing pages increase conversions by a staggering 500 per cent.

As you can see, simplicity can be a powerful strategy.

Create High Converting Landing Pages

If you’re frustrated with your landing page not converting, Pulsion can help. As a growth marketing agency, we have data-driven methods to establish your buyer persona and identify their pain points. From there, we craft irresistible landing pages that drive conversations, creating long-term success for your business.

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