LinkedIn is a Gold Mine for IT Companies Who Want to Increase MRR

If you are a C-suite leader in an IT company, you know that MRR is the name of the game. Your monthly recurring revenue correlates directly to predictability in your revenue as well as your value as an IT company in an M&A scenario. 

Pulling up your MRR quickly is achievable, and LinkedIn is the place to start. Some IT companies limit budget for tools and insights but, if there are two things your sales and marketing teams must have, it is LinkedIn Sales Navigator and an insights tool to pull company data like accurate email, revenue, number of employees etc.

Your teams can use a combination of strategic and mapped social selling in conjunction with paid LinkedIn Ads to form a very powerful combination that will result in prospects, leads, MQLs, SQLs and opportunities.

You likely have been introduced to lead mining tools like Zoom Info that tout intent data. Intent data is so broad that really it may indicate there was intent – but how, where, and how intense is the pain?

This is where LinkedIn gives you advanced insights. Many IT companies gauge their LinkedIn PPC results by leads who submit forms, but what if you could find out exactly who clicked on and engaged with ads and at what frequency? That is intent on overdrive.

Someone who clicks on your LinkedIn ad for Cyber Security, for example 7-8-9 times, but does not submit a form tells you two things:

  • You need to improve your landing pages and offers.
  • The organization has definite pain and is worth pursuing.

Pulling your leads out of LinkedIn and into the CRM enables a smoother and faster follow- up by your sales teams.

The combination of social selling and LinkedIn Ads will bring your opportunities a different level of warmth and increased opportunity. 

How does this pull up your MRR? Quality over quantity. LinkedIn advanced targeting enables you to target only the job titles and size of companies that fall into your snack bracket. If your company is too broad in your sales and marketing effort, the result is lower MRR.

In Canada alone there is a pool of over 40,000 IT leaders ripe for the picking on LinkedIn. They can be found across the country in companies with 51-1000 employees. 

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