A New Niche to Consider for Persona-Based Marketing

A solid persona-based marketing strategy involves researching current and potential customers. Over the last couple of years, we have seen so many fluctuations in the way we work, buy, consume, and live our lives, creating new buyer personas marketers must recognize.

One such buyer persona is the workday consumer. Stemming from the remote work trend following the pandemic, this consumer shifts spontaneously between employee, personal, and consumer modes throughout the day, creating new habits and preferences.

And while many brands anticipated a version of the workday consumer at the beginning of the pandemic, they’ve found their tactics are no longer working. Here’s what you need to know to update your persona-based marketing strategy for this consumer.

Persona-Based Marketing for Workday Consumers

Microsoft recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study on how the customer journey has shifted following the pandemic’s upheavals. Forrester conducted an online survey of over 5,000 employed adult consumers as well as 1,301 directors, VPs, and heads of marketing or advertising at brands worldwide.

Tellingly, 62 per cent of consumer respondents admitted they either research or buy products and services regularly while working. And more than half said their online shopping during worktime has increased since the pandemic. These workday consumers are often browsing high-consideration categories like travel, finance, and home improvement tools and appliances.

Also, approximately 40 per cent of respondents reported spending an hour or more on personal tasks during the workday—10 per cent reported three or more hours.

Brands Unable to Take Advantage of Persona-Based Marketing

Brands are now scrambling to adapt to consumer expectations. Many are expanding budgets to upgrade the tools necessary for seamless online shopping experiences. Marketers are spending more on advertising channels such as social, search, and online video and display.

However, the Microsoft study found that the marketers they surveyed weren’t confident in their ability to create in-depth persona-based marketing plans. More specifically, they struggled to convert consumer data into actional insights, failing to craft impactful digital marketing strategies.

In short, if you’re not taking a deep dive into the data behind workday consumers, you won’t be able to take advantage.

Get a Game Plan for Growth

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