Redefining Copy: Writing for the Customer, Not for Yourself

You have a gorgeous website, optimized SEO, robust social media, and yet… something is still missing.

For many businesses with an online component, their digital marketing can be made or broken with one seemingly simple component: copywriting. And there’s one mistake in particular that many businesses make — they put the emphasis on themselves, not the customer.

It’s an easy error to make. After all, you have put time and effort into building a great business, helpful products and services, and wonderful team, and you want to tell people about it.

But if you’re not reaching your readers’ emotions, or their pain points, it might not resonate.

Marie Forleo calls this the spotlight method — putting the emphasis on the user, not the creator.

In this example, Marie shows how a relationship coach tweaked her message to be more user-friendly:


Dr. Cheryl is the go-to modern day guru of Mindful Loving.

As Marie points out, this headline is about Dr. Cheryl, but it doesn’t provide a benefit or hook for the visitor.

After (with spotlight method):

  • Need relationship help? Let me help you get your love back on track.
  • Get the passionate, playful relationship you want. I’ll show you how.
  • Relationship in trouble? Let’s get your love life back on track.

All of these put the emphasis on the customer, not on the business owner. They speak to the emotional pull that brought the visitor to the site.

Of course, the business in this example, a relationship coach, is inherently more emotional. But the same principle applies even to industry-type businesses, or B2B (business-to-business) marketing.

If you sell SAAS-solutions to businesses, what pain points are you solving? What emotional state of mind might customers be in when they visit your website?

They might not be as swayed by something like “We build expense tracking systems perfect for any business,” as they would be by “Expense tracking taking up too much time? Get your life back (and save money). We’ll show you how!”

This can be applied to all levels — and all types — of business. Thinking about your target customer and what they might be going through will help create deeper, more robust copy — and a stronger digital marketing strategy.

When you start with your customer, the world of opportunity for blog post topics, email marketing, Inbound content, and more all open up — and so do your conversions.

The best part of this is that when you start with the customer, you can segue into the benefits your business offers naturally.

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