CROS: What Can an Audit of Your Sales Data Tell You? Get Ready to Be Stunned

Your sales department may be achieving their goals, or maybe they’re not. The challenge: what data are you relying on to determine what is happening within your sales and marketing department as it relates to customer journey, lead handling, and onboarding? Is it coming from a report your staff generated or is it coming from the CRM? Is the data in your CRM even accurate?

CROs along with sales and marketing executives should routinely have their sales data audited. What does auditing your sales data do/reveal: The absolute truth.

  • The true quality of your leads
  • The true time and effort involved to onboard a customer.
  • If cherry picking is going on or if all leads are being actioned accordingly
  • Whether leads are being properly labeled and scored
  • Whether the data in the CRM for lead type and status are accurate
  • If leads are falling through the cracks

Above enables you to tighten your process. 

Using data from the audit you have the opportunity to:

  • Identify weak links in your process and team.
  • Retrain where possible.
  • Look at automation and technology to smooth the sales process for both your team and customer. 
  • Have access to actual data that enables you to create consistent, predictable growth.
  • Improve the leads you are bringing in.
  • Identify marketing that results in poor sales leads, refine targeting, and assess how and where you market etc.

Regular audits of sales data are a well-kept secret that many sales executives use to fuel consistent uptakes in their sales revenue and have total awareness of their funnel and team performance (sales and marketing).

We have seen CROs almost fall off their chairs when learning about the massive number of leads ignored by their teams. CRM paths are meaning sales teams are missing leads and sales is wasting time with leads that shouldn’t have been generated in the first place. Poor communication can also result in lost sales, opportunities being missed, and marketing that is a complete waste of budget. The list goes on.

I think it’s also fair to mention that over time, and through turnover and transition, business processes mount up as each employee endeavours to fix problems along the way. A fresh look at process enables you to eliminate overlap and processes that no longer make sense.  

The best way to support your team is to know what’s going on and put changes in place to improve. Some sales leaders meet sales targets and don’t even realize they would be totally smashing them by making the smallest changes.

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