Sales Teams of 10 or Less: A Proven Formula to Sell

If you have someone dedicated to marketing on the team, marketers tend to always look for the silver bullet to generate leads for sales. A great example of this is generating lists and loading them into the CRM to send mass emails and for sales to follow up with the prospects.

Anything that seems too easy, or too good to be true, probably is. From AI to insights tool providers, to social media platforms, promises of Google rankings and the idea that sending emails to 2000 people will create a predictable marketing/sales funnel.

If you want your sales team to sell more, get back to basics – selling. First, look at a day in your salespeople’s lives. They may be following up on warm sales inquiries, account management, taking meetings with prospects etc.

How many prospects do your salespeople actually need to be busy all day? What does your cadence look like – is it all calls and emails? Is it three, four, five touchpoints? 

The reality is a salesperson who is on the phone all day on outbound calls (no meetings, no emails, no account management, no warm leads) with a three-touchpoint cadence would only be able to deal with 15 new prospects daily. That’s the equivalent of 330 per month. That would be a call centre, outbound sales type of representative. A salesperson who is also managing accounts and taking meetings could maybe touch half of that.

This means that your sales team only needs about 3000 prospects added to your CRM monthly to be completely busy selling.

Now, when you think about it, that’s not a big number, right?  

When you think about that number, also think about all the money you spend right now on mass email marketing, technology, tools, Sales Navigator etc. Really, all your salespeople need is 3000 high quality prospects (that they can sell to) added to the CRM.

Now, when you think about that number, imagine if those 3000 prospects were all at the budget level you want for the service you sell.

Now couple those efforts with 1:1 email and outreach on LinkedIn, and you have a formula to drive up your sales numbers. Innovation and modernization are important and there is lots of great technology and tools for organizations. Be realistic about the size of your team and goals, forming practical processes that lead to predictable sales.

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