How is social pay-per-click different from Google pay-per-click?

Social pay-per-click and Google pay-per-click ads are both great growth tools for any marketing department’s sales and marketing initiatives.

Pay-per-click ads are a form of paid digital advertising that allows users to target ad groups by interest, demographic, location, and other data. Marketers only pay for their ad when a user clicks on the ad, hence the name pay-per-click.

Pay-per-click ads can be shown on a variety of platforms.

They are an effective way to generate leads, drive traffic, and laser-target your buyer persona segments to convert visitors into lasting customers.

But when you think of pay-per-click ads, do you know the difference between social pay-per-click and Google pay-per-click? When should you use each type of advertising?

The biggest difference is the platforms they use. Google pay-per-click ads allow you to display your advertisements on search engines. Google pay-per-click ads are linked to the relevant keywords marketers set, and you can bid for keywords to rank on the top spots of Google’s search algorithm and ranking system. Your ads will appear when users search for related keywords or products and services.

With Google pay-per-click ads, there are six different types of ad campaigns you can choose from depending on your objectives and where you want your ad to appear. For example, your ad can appear in YouTube videos, on the Google shopping tab, on publisher’s websites, and more. You can easily find new customers by putting your ads in the right places.

On the other hand, social pay-per-click ads appear on social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. They are effective for generating awareness and driving conversions from social media users.

Social pay-per-clicks don’t rely on keywords to target buyer persona segments. Instead, social media platforms will show ads that they think are relevant to users based on your ad settings and the browsing preferences of each user. Instead of finding new customers, social pay-per-clicks help users discover your brand.

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