Spring Cleaning Your Digital Marketing Activities

As the weather warms, it is also the perfect time of year to refresh your digital marketing activities.

Digital marketing activities require ongoing maintenance – some more than others. But unless it is scheduled in, it can be easy to overlook.

We’ve created this graphic for what you may want to consider tidying up this spring:

  1. Review your presences

Look at the social media presences your company has. Where are you spending your time and effort? Are there any presences that have fallen out of use?

If you have presences that are no longer being used, or aren’t being used to their full capability, take the time now to develop a plan for what to do with those.

Also review the best practices you are following. Are you responding to reviews, engaging with fans, posting in groups, etc.?

  1. Confirm contact information

Your Google My Places listing is affected by several things, and one of them is consistent contact information.

Look at your listings and confirm if:

  • Your address is correct.
  • The same phone number is used across the board.
  • Your hours of operation are posted and correct.
  • If you have multiple locations, that they each have separate listings.
  1. Verify AODA compliancy

Web accessibility compliance is growing, and you may be obligated to comply.

In Ontario, AODA (the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) sets the standards for what you need to do to comply. Other provinces have different rules.

Verify what your obligations are and make sure that you are meeting them. If you are in Ontario, view Pulsion’s AODA resources: https://www.gopulsion.io/blog/what-is-web-accessibility-aoda/.

  1. Dust off old blog posts

While re-posting old blog posts isn’t a great idea for SEO, it’s a good idea to go through old blog posts from time to time to check for broken links, potential for new calls-to-action (CTAs), changes in services, and more.

  1. Plant new seeds

Spring is the perfect time to set opportunities in motion for the future. Is there a digital marketing initiative you’ve been considering? Take it a step further and see what it would take to make it a reality.

When you have an idea of the budget, you can put it into action for 2020 — but the key is to start early.

Pulsion Marketing can help refresh your digital marketing activities and offer options for planting new seeds.

Contact us today for a consultation. Call 1-888-701-4441 Ext. 6 or visit www.digiforcemarketing.ca.