Fend Off FOMO and Streamline Your B2B Marketing Plan

As you set out to grow your B2B marketing plan, it becomes quickly apparent that there is an almost innumerable amount of digital marketing tools at your disposal. Social media, email, SEO, web design—all these categories have their own respective pools of apps you can use to manage your campaign.

However, this can quickly become overwhelming. FOMO starts setting in. You feel like you need to take advantage of as many options as possible so as not to leave any stone unturned. But now you’re stretched thin and underperforming.

Where did it all go wrong?

Don’t worry. Let’s get your B2B marketing plan back on track.

Data-First B2B Marketing Plan

Perhaps the biggest mistake companies make when developing their B2B marketing plan is not taking advantage of the data that’s available to them, relying on either outdated information or assumptions. This results in either limited or inaccurate buyer personas.

This first step is updating your data. Start with cleaning up old contact lists by taking care of any duplicates or inaccuracies. Getting your house in order will create a much more efficient marketing plan.

Once your data is tidied up, your second step is to start identifying any gaps in your customer information. Intent data from ZoomInfo, for example, will give you real-time insights into what companies and individuals are seeking. Different industries have different preferences including variations according to positions within those industries, so you must understand their pain points to adopt the best approach.

Customer Journey

Armed with all this data, your third step is to map out your customer’s journey. Now you can see where all your homework is going to pay off. Because you understand your customer, you can optimize their touch points along their journey.

For example, when Skytap, which provides self-service access to cloud computing, tailored its advertising according to its buyer persona:

  • Sales leads increased by 124 per cent.
  • Organic search traffic increased by 55 per cent
  • Online leads increased by 97 per cent
  • North American site traffic increased by 210 per cent.

Starting a B2B marketing plan by choosing the tools is putting the cart before the horse. Instead, allow your buyer persona to guide the tools or channels you select.

A Game Plan for Growth

As a growth marketing agency, Pulsion understands that the first step to effectively deploying digital marketing tools is establishing the right strategy. We’ll get your B2B marketing plan started on the right foot by zeroing in on your ideal buyer persona. From there we’ll continue to optimize through testing, data analysis, and KPI measurements.

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