Using Your B2B Buyer Persona to Create Impactful Marketing


You’ve spent countless hours developing your product and are now eager to share with your B2B buyer persona its many features. But after investing in your marketing campaign, they’re unengaged. What went wrong?

The five magic words of selling are a simple truth of marketing: “What’s in it for me?” The average B2B buyer persona doesn’t care about all the ground-breaking features of your offering. All they care about is how it benefits them.

This is the heart of the classic dilemma of features vs benefits in marketing. And while many may believe it’s more relevant to B2C, it still rings true for B2B. Whether you’re selling iPhones or SaaS CRM, if you don’t emphasize how the product benefits the buyer, they won’t be interested.

But that’s only half the equation. How do you know what benefits will resonate with your B2B buyer persona? Here’s what you need to know.

Understanding Your B2B Buyer Persona

The challenge of marketing benefits instead of features to your B2B buyer persona can be summarized like this: You know why your product makes their life easier, but they don’t.

Consider Slack, the messaging program designed specifically for office communications. On the one hand, Slack has plenty of features such as sophisticated programming enabling intuitive user experience designs. But users don’t care about that. They care about its benefits as a time saver.

As such, Slack marketed itself by showing how users were able to cut emails by nearly half and meetings by a quarter. Last year, the app reached nearly a billion in revenue with over 156,000 paying users, more than triple its numbers in 2017.

Nonetheless, articulating the right benefits is easier said than done. It takes a lot of homework. Firstly, there’s the upfront research to establish your ideal B2B buyer persona using intelligence tools that can action big data. From there, it takes stringent experimentation and relentless A/B testing. Over time, the data will show what’s working and what’s not.

The key is to understand how to interpret and then leverage the data.

We Understand your B2B Buyer Persona

As a growth marketing agency, Pulsion uses data-driven methods to understand your B2B buyer persona. After we’ve done the homework to identify your buyer’s pain points, we craft a macro strategy around the benefits of your solution. And with our expertise in content creation, social selling, PPC, and more, you’ll win more targeted visitors, drive higher-quality leads, and increase conversions.

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