What are the best analytics platforms?

When a business implements a marketing campaign, tracking analytics can help marketers make informed decisions about future marketing initiatives, measure the progress of current campaigns, and determine how to make improvements.

62% of organizations report that the use of information, such as big data, and analytics are creating a competitive advantage for their business.

Analytics is what helps back marketing decisions and power campaigns that are results-driven.

There are many analytics platforms available to help marketers track the important data of their various digital marketing assets. Here are some of the best analytics platforms:

  1. Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is one of the most popular analytics platforms for tracking metrics and KPIs. You can link your website to Google Analytics to measure traffic, click-through rate, bounce rate, session duration, pages per session, and more. You can also see which of your campaigns drive the most traffic and conversions, learn about where your visitors are, understand how people interact with your site, and see exactly where people are clicking. You can create multiple dashboards to categorize your metrics.

  1. HubSpot

HubSpot is another great analytics platform. You can measure the performance of all your campaigns in one place with comprehensive reports and intuitive dashboards. HubSpot provides data on the entire customer lifecycle, with all the data that converts strangers into loyal customers. You can also create dashboards that measure trends in your data and customer behaviour, so you can invest your marketing dollars in the campaigns that generate optimized results.

  1. SproutSocial

SproutSocial measures your social media analytics. You can link multiple social channels and measure data such as impressions, engagement per message, user demographics, messages, and more. SproutSocial dashboards help you visualize the overall trends in your social performance so you can see your net growth each month. With the data you receive, you can then publish better social content for your audience.

If you need help leveraging the best analytics platforms to help you measure and manage your digital marketing campaigns, contact us for help today.