What are the best social media applications to use?

Social media applications support information publishing and sharing, personal profiles, and connecting and searching within different communities.

They help businesses run their social presence to communicate with their audience, provide value content, generate leads, nurture customer relationships, and drive traffic to their website.

There are also applications that can integrate and support the use of social media platforms to enhance the social media marketing process.

Here are some of the best social media applications and support tools you can leverage.


2.79 billion people globally use Facebook. It remains the most popular social media application on the market, especially for older demographic audiences. Facebook lets businesses create company pages, host Facebook Live sessions, and communicate with their audience. Facebook Business solutions provide training, marketing templates, and tools to help businesses drive the most growth with Facebook and Instagram. Whether you need to build your buyer persona, increase sales, or have more reach, Facebook can help.


Twitter has 186 million annual users, making it one of the top social media applications in the market. As one of the first platforms to adopt the use of hashtags, businesses can use Twitter to build a more active social presence, communicate with their audience, provide value content and news, and more. Since the lifespan of a tweet is between 15 to 20 minutes, businesses can post multiple times a day with relevant content.


LinkedIn is the top social application for B2B relationships. Businesses can build connections and partnerships, join professional communities, and share company news to keep their audience informed about corporate initiatives.


SproutSocial is the leading platform for social support. Businesses can use the application to track, publish, engage, and understand their social media audience to improve social media marketing performance. Using the trends and analytics, you can graph out the forecasted performance of your social media initiatives to optimize results and the quality of customer support you provide your audience.

If you need help identifying and leveraging the best social media applications for your business and user market, contact us for help today.