What are web forms and why are they important?

A web form, also called an HTML form, is a place where users can enter data or personal information on a website, email, app, or another area of the internet.

The information entered is processed through a server and stored in an internal database that the business can access.

Web forms are useful because they allow you to collect information from your visitors easily and efficiently. You can learn about customer preferences, create mailing lists, build buyer personas, create targeted marketing campaigns, and more.

Web forms are also a great way for you to collect feedback from your customers and learn about how you can improve the products and services you provide.

For example, customer support teams often use web forms to ask callers for feedback on the service provided. It helps them identify positive and negative trends that can be enhanced or improved.

Here are some interesting statistics about web forms:

  • 50% of marketers say inbound marketing strategies, such as onsite forms, are their primary source of leads.
  • 74% of companies use web forms for lead generation.
  • Webinars are the most popular content on registration forms.
  • 45% of web forms are submitted through a mobile device.
  • The average conversation rate for online forms is 21.5%.
  • Multi-step forms in WordPress can lead to 300% more conversions.

There are different types of web forms you can create depending on your objectives:

  • Contact forms – used for leads to provide feedback, voice a concern, or ask a question.
  • Lead generation forms – used to convert visitors into leads.
  • Order forms – used for visitors to place orders.
  • Registration forms – used to get visitors to sign-up for products and services.
  • Survey forms – used to learn about customer experiences and other information.

If you need help developing web forms that align with your marketing objectives that help you generate leads and conversions and improve the customer experience, contact us for help today.