What is call tracking?

Call tracking is the process of determining how callers find and contact your business.

Businesses can use the information from call tracking to measure the success of their marketing strategies and make informed decisions about improving future campaigns.

Call tracking also helps businesses manage their prospects by nurturing prospects and following up with leads interested in the business.

Here is how call tracking can be beneficial for businesses:

  1. Call tracking routes calls intelligently.

Call tracking can shorten call wait times by directing callers to available agents with relevant answers. User calls will be routed using customer segmentation, customer intent, and other factors to find the best agent to connect with the caller.

  1. Call tracking gains valuable metrics.

Call tracking software can measure call length, conversion rates, hold times, location, and other valuable data to develop comprehensive reports. Businesses can use the reports to gauge the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and customer service efforts. They can also use the information to understand their audience and determine the lifetime value of their customers.

  1. Call tracking improves customer support.

Call tracking can follow users throughout the customer journey and determine where customers are running into challenges or when customers decide to contact the business. Customer support teams can use the information from call tracking to improve where and how they deliver service to make it a more personalized experience.

  1. Call tracking improves business operations.

Businesses can use the customer data from call tracking to identify trends in consumer behaviours and the biggest challenges customers encounter when trying to contact the business. They can then use that information to anticipate customer issues before they happen.

There are tons of call tracking software available to help businesses map out where calls are coming from and who the callers are.

If you need help tracking the inbound calls to nurture prospects and improve marketing campaigns, contact us for help today.