What technology do I have that needs to be supported?

If you use any marketing software for your sales and marketing initiatives, chances are you can benefit from having professional support.

There are tons of great software that help businesses streamline the marketing process, provide real-time insights to make more informed decisions about current and future initiatives, and create professional, compelling campaigns.

Here is some technical support that you may need for your business.

  1. WordPress support.

WordPress has 60.8% of the world’s CMS market share and powers 14.7% of the world’s top websites.

Although WordPress is intuitive and flexible, it can still be complex to manage, especially if your website requires enhanced features such as custom code development, integrations, and plugins (the WordPress Plugin Directory has over 55,000 plugins available).

Businesses that use WordPress for their website might require support to run periodic backups and update plugins and website versions. Websites also need to be responsive on any device or browser that users use.

Most importantly, WordPress support can ensure that website content and assets are professionally managed to meet all compliance standards such as AODA, WCAG, and more.

  1. Integrations support.

Your business might use integrations to add payment systems, customize themes and layouts, integrate newsletters, add sign-up links, implement chatbots, and other features to enhance the capabilities of your website.

Integrations require support to create custom layouts, update versions, and manage fields. It ensures integrations are installed and set up correctly. Ongoing support also ensures that integrations are always providing a streamlined customer experience.

  1. Marketing software support.

Marketing software requires ongoing support to ensure that campaigns are set up, and targeting groups are well-segmented. Whether it’s to automate the marketing process based on trigger events, to simplify the ad bidding process, or something else, support ensures campaigns are planned, executed, and tracked.

If you need support for your website and marketing technology, contact us for help today.