What to Look for in a Social Media Agency Partner?

Today, 3.2+ billion individuals, about 42% of the entire population, use social media.

Within a short span of time, social media has completely disrupted the way in which businesses market and sell.

While social media may seem simple on the outside, it is a complex component of your overall marketing program.

Managing your social presences takes time, effort, and resources.

Having a trusted partner who understands how the dynamic social space works, can help you achieve your goals quickly and effectively.

So, if you’re looking at bringing social media consultants in, here are the things you should look for:

I.  Industry Experience

Social media agencies that execute successful campaigns focus on your goals and create tailored campaigns across selected social media channels.

They don’t take a spray and pray approach. They use their experience and knowledge to channel resources and budgets to platforms and campaigns that would create the maximum impact.

Additionally, when we talk about experience, it’s not just experience in the social media space but also experience in your specific industry.  An agency that understands your market also gets the nuances of your niche and is able to create strategies that help you reach your target audience.

As social media is more fast-paced than other mediums of communication, an experienced team of social media consultants can help you respond much faster.  This is even more relevant in times of a global pandemic.

II. Are Based Locally

With remote work becoming a norm, does this really matter?

Yes, it does. Social media consulting services provided by firms based in Canada are likely to be more effective because these individuals live in the country and have a better understanding of the Canadian market, cultural sensitivities, etc.

Additionally, they’re located close to you and are in the same time zone. So, even if you opt to work remotely, you can still choose to have strategy and planning meetings to ensure that everyone is aligned. Additionally, if a crisis happens, your agency is right there to help you resolve it.

III. A Team That Puts Their Heart and Soul In

It’s easy to draft some content and hit the share button.

But this is not what gets results. Results are achieved when your partners at the agency put their heart and soul into the campaigns. They are not just your agency but an extension of your team.

So, look for an agency that’s not afraid to bring ideas to the table, is dynamic in its execution, and most importantly believes in your cause.

IV. Measurable Results

It’s all about the results at the end of the day.

So, when looking for an agency, it is important to see how they measure their results, how they set KPIs, and whether they have appropriate metrics in place or not.

V. Diverse Skillset

Social media isn’t just one skill – social media consultants bring multiple skills to the table including content writing, SEO expertise, social selling experience, and the ability to manage social ad campaigns.

Look for a social media agency that has a team of individuals with diverse skills.

Social Media Examiner shares that more than 81% of marketers witnessed an increase in traffic by investing as little as 6 hours per week in their social media content.

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