Why do WordPress websites need to be updated frequently?

WordPress has 60.8% of the world’s CMS market share and powers 14.7% of the world’s top websites. It receives more monthly unique visitors than Amazon and produces an estimate of 136.2 million new blog posts each month.

WordPress is popular because it’s very SEO-friendly. WordPress uses standard compliance code and produces semantic HTML that gives value to the web page rather than just presentation. It means Google and other search engines rank WordPress websites high on their search engine ranking algorithms.

WordPress is also intuitive and easy to manage. You don’t need a heavy technical background or be familiar with coding to create professional websites that include plugins and themes.

However, that’s not to say WordPress websites don’t need careful support and management. For example, WordPress websites require ongoing updating.

There are different types of WordPress website updates, such as security, performance, and features updates.

The main reason to update your WordPress website frequently is for security reasons. New versions of WordPress will correct security vulnerabilities and bugs that leave your website open to hackers and cyberattacks.

WordPress updates also improve the performance of your overall website and management platform. Regular updates ensure your website runs smoothly and quickly to give your customers the best user experience and help your website rank high on search engines.

The WordPress features, such as plugins and integrations, on your website also need to be updated regularly. Out-of-date plugins and integrations may not be compatible with the latest version of WordPress. In addition, it can be slow to operate and have many bugs crawling that will slow their performance. It can also pose security risks to your website.

By creating a maintenance schedule for your WordPress website, you ensure your business’s most important asset is always working at its best.

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