You Can Apply for Jobs on Facebook Now, Plus Other Digital Marketing Tips for Human Resources

Is your human resources department embracing social media? These digital marketing tips could help with recruiting, boosting employee morale, marketing efforts, and more.

Social recruiting is becoming more popular than ever. While LinkedIn has traditionally been the main social network that recruiters use, that’s changing.

In early 2017, Facebook introduced a Jobs platform, where businesses can post openings and applicants can apply right through their Facebook feed. Businesses can advertise jobs, track applications, and interact with potential hires, all on social media.

By using this recruitment method, companies can reach a wider range of candidates. Here are some of the possibilities and ways to make the most of human resources marketing:

  • Find passive candidates. Skilled applicants already working for another company might not necessarily be browsing job boards, such as Indeed, every day. But they may see your job advertising on a social media site, like Facebook, and be intrigued enough to apply.
  • Seek out hard-to-find skills. If you are looking for a certain degree of technical knowledge, social media can help narrow the search field. Look for professional groups or pages in that industry and post job openings there.
  • Target your search by social media platform. Certain sites are suited better to different types of roles. If you’re looking for a graphic designer, for example, you may want to post your job opening on Instagram or Pinterest. If you’re looking for a computer programmer, you may want to consider Reddit or Facebook. Understanding where your demographic spends their time can help you find the right candidate.
  • Screen candidate’s social media pages for red flags. When a candidate applies through a social media site, you’ll be able to look at their personal profile (depending on privacy settings). Many HR departments use this to look for potential warning signs — inflammatory language, inconsistencies with resumés, etc. However, if you do elect to look at social media accounts, be sure that your viewing is unbiased by following your region’s discrimination policies and even having a neutral third party review the profile for you.
  • Advertise your own company culture. Just as you might be viewing candidates’ profiles, they’re also looking at yours. Make your business shine online as a great place to work by highlighting benefits, perks, and “day-in-the-life” type posts. You might even consider sharing employee testimonials and highlighting staff achievements.
  • Reply to comments and questions. On several job posting sites, such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and Facebook, people can leave reviews about what working for your company is like. If there’s a positive review, respond and thank the poster. If there is a negative review, then it’s even more important that you respond and address the concern diplomatically so that future applicants see you as responsive.

As social media grows, so too do the opportunities for human resources and recruitment. Take advantage with a digital marketing strategy. Sit down in-house and plan out how you will use social media for your human resources.

You might also consider bringing in an outside consultant to help. For instance, at Pulsion Marketing we can review your company culture page, create content, and help build a solid strategy.

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