Precision in Data Management Gleams New Perspective for a National IT Company

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Our client was a national IT company and approached us to help them organize their data management processes. In other words, the client’s sales team was facing issues in managing leads and opportunities. This resulted in missed leads and a lack of visibility into the sales process for both the sales team and the marketing team. 




National IT Company

The Opportunity

We identified many issues within the sales structure. One of them was that the sales team was unable to update the deal stages and CRM contact information. The lack of due diligence on the data entry side slowed down the entire sales process and the tracking of deals. This also created issues for the marketing team as they could not monitor the lead progress and assess the effectiveness of their campaigns.

The Plan

Through our intervention, we smoothed the entire sales process. We handled their data and gave them a consistent, uniform view of qualified leads. We also collaborated with the client’s VP and marketing manager to pull valuable insights from the data. These data-driven insights helped to fine-tune the messaging and keyword strategy of their existing and upcoming campaigns.

Additionally, our pipeline hygiene efforts also improved data quality, data relevance and data categorization. We ensured that leads such as customer service and job seekers were rightly categorized. Overall, our database management process ensured that each qualified lead was accurately reported and prioritized. 

Improvement in SQL Quality
Increase in Overall Sales

The Results

With a decrease in data inaccuracies, our client saw a great improvement in their lead quality. This led to a 40% increase in sales and 88% in SQL quality.

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