Assisted National Insurance Company to Increase Digital Lead Generation

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Our client wanted to improve their customer service value and increase lead generation via their website. Keeping our client’s business goals in mind, we helped them develop a fully automated online financial report card, which we later sold to them.




National Insurance Company

The Opportunity

Our client wanted to offer a value-added option that would promote more website leads and conversions.

In response, we prepared a fully automated online financial report card. We worked closely with our client to create an all-including digital marketing strategy to promote their application and maximize its reach. This included search engines, the company’s website and social media channels.

The Plan

We worked with our client to develop a fully automated online financial report card. This offered customers the opportunity to subscribe to an email list when visiting our client’s websites.

After the application was created, we built a custom WordPress web design to highlight and market it to our client’s target audience.

To promote the application, we also designed a social media strategy and an automated email marketing campaign. These efforts were aimed at triggering emails based on various actions to nurture them through the sales funnel.

The Results

Our client was so impressed with our work, and as a result, they purchased the entire package we built. Both customers and partners showed a great deal of interest in the application and proceeded with the membership.

After the package was rebranded as belonging to our client, the application continued to be actively promoted. Even today, it is a useful tool that helps our client create leads, conversions and organic traffic for their business.

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