Mobile App Promotion Resulted in a 17.3% CTR and 18% App Downloads on LinkedIn

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Our client is a well-known national technology firm based in Canada. They recently developed a new mobile app and wanted to promote this on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media sites. Their main focus was to target Android device users, particularly on Linkedin. Throughout the campaign, they wanted to increase app downloads and achieve high click-through rates (CTR).


International (Canada and US)


Technology Firm

The Opportunity

Our client realized the need for a targeted approach to achieve the best outcomes. They had a valuable Android app to offer but needed to reach the right audience on LinkedIn. They wanted to leverage LinkedIn’s network to connect with prospective Android users who would not only be interested in their app but also have the capability to download it.

The Plan

We created a LinkedIn social selling strategy with a specific focus on targeted outreach. We leveraged LinkedIn’s advanced targeting options to reach users who would be interested in technology and mobile apps. Our goal was to connect with individuals who were not only relevant but also potential Android users.

We further fine-tuned our targeting to identify and engage only those LinkedIn users who use Android devices. This strategic method made sure that our efforts were reaching the most relevant audience segment. 

Side by side, we worked closely with our client to optimize their LinkedIn content. This involved creating posts, articles and graphics that highlighted the main functions and key features of the app. 

In addition to the social selling efforts, we also designed a dedicated landing page for interested audiences looking to learn more about the app. The following landing page was made with mobile users in mind. 

Click Through Rate
Conversion Rate

The Results

Our efforts resulted in a 17.3% click-through rate (CTR), which proves that our content resonated well with the LinkedIn audience. The fact that 18% of users who clicked on our LinkedIn posts also downloaded the mobile app was even more surprising. This means that our optimized content, landing page efforts and analysis all played a part in influencing users to take action.

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