Brand Transition After Acquisition and the Creation of a New Digital Marketing Strategy

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We consulted our client on brand transitioning after an international company acquired a part of their brand. Keeping the individual needs of each company in mind, we helped develop a complete digital marketing strategy that established their brand placement and presence as two distinct businesses.




International IT Company

The Opportunity

After the acquisition, our client felt the need for a brand refresh to focus on proper brand placement and visibility within their buyer persona segment. This was important to differentiate the remaining entity from its former parent company. We helped our client with a brand transitioning plan to promote their existing services while also maintaining their strong online brand presence.

Interestingly, our client’s parent company also needed our assistance in developing a digital marketing strategy. They wanted to make the transition as smooth as possible and without disruptions in customer service.

The Plan

We began by conducting full-fledged SEO audits for our client to ensure the quality of previous content matched the quality of the current content. 

We created a complete transition plan for all companies involved, including digital assets and campaigns. The intent was to communicate the new branding to the target audience using social media marketing and inbound automated email marketing campaigns.

The Results

Our client’s brand transition was highly successful, with minimal disruptions. This proves that our client’s existing services and service quality remained uncompromised throughout.

Following the successful transition of the first company, we closely worked with our client to help them with the transition of their second company. Our client is now fully merged with the new parent company and is offering a broader range of services.

We continue to work with our client and assist them with annual initiatives and activities related to lead generation and conversions.

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