Saved a Reseller of Government Data From Inquiry Overload Through Optimized Data Entry

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Our client was a national reseller of government data. Initially, they were struggling to manage a large volume of consumer inquiries, which were, in short, costing a lot of their resources and time. Because of those inquiries, the sales team was constantly sifting through non-qualified leads and managing the database. Our client recognized this urgency and wanted us to optimize their data administration processes. Their goal was to take away burdening tasks from their sales team and allow them to focus on what they do best — generating sales.




National Reseller of Government Data

The Opportunity

The company had many business channels, and each one of them was completely flooded with consumer inquiries, which led to an overload in the database. The problem occurred when the sales staff was required to filter through unqualified leads every single time. We aimed to simplify their data management processes and ensure sales pipeline hygiene.

The Plan

To address these challenges, we created a solution that focused on reducing data administration and entry costs. This would allow the sales team to redirect their focus toward core sales activities.

Our first step involved a thorough review and cleansing of the client’s existing sales pipeline. Through this process, we identified and eliminated non-qualified leads.

We also implemented data entry processes that would automate and organize customer inquiries. The main reason for this automation was to lighten the load on the sales time while guaranteeing consistent data recording and database maintenance side by side.

Cost Reduction to Sales Department
Improvement to SQL Lead Quality

The Results

With non-qualified leads removed from the equation, the sales team was able to redirect their energy and time toward selling rather than sifting through unproductive leads. Our efforts led to an 87.3% improvement in SQL lead quality and a 110% cost reduction for the sales department.

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