Data Entry and Data Administration

As your business grows, so does your data. With us, you get reduced costs and the most accurate data starting at as low as $16 per hour (minimum hours apply).

Data Administration and Data Entry

Reduce Costs and Have the Most Accurate Data as Low as $16 Per Hour

Managing data is an important part of any business, but several factors and situations can complicate data entry and database administration processes. Here are some common challenges you may encounter:

  • Managing data from multiple platforms, each with its own distinct data segments.
  • Running a number of different platforms that generate data segments requiring integration into your database.
  • Dealing with restrictive databases lacks robust API or import capabilities, limiting your data management options.
  • Managing a substantial influx of non-qualified leads coming in through your site that require sorting.
  • Operating a data-heavy business that demands meticulous data handling.

At the end of the day, data entry and database administration can result in an extreme consumption of resources, especially when data requires consistent and trusted data flow and management. To make the most out of the data, you must be free from doing the normal chores of it.

Outsourcing Database Administration the Right Way, Once and for All

To put it simply, achieving a deep understanding of your data requires peace of mind, which can happen when an external team manages data and handles data entry on your behalf. By outsourcing these tasks, you can redirect your focus to the big picture while we do our job and make the data efficient.

When considering outsourcing options, many freelance platforms offer database management services within a range of $10 to $30 USD per hour, but they may lack the oversight necessary to guarantee quality. Conversely, by investing in an in-house resource at a similar or even lower cost, such as $20 per hour, you gain full control over the work, in addition to handling recruitment, training and benefits.

120+ Hours Monthly
(requires knowledge of your business)
$20 Hourly
120+ Hours Monthly
(does not require knowledge of your business)
$16 Hourly
10-119 Hours Per Month
(with or without knowledge of your business)
Initial Consultation
(review project needs and requirements)

What We Do


Each time we start a new project, our leadership team will work with you to define your requirements. This ensures that the appropriate resources are allocated to facilitate your needs.

Our staff possess expertise across a wide range of technology platforms, including marketing platforms, sales enablement platforms, CRM, CMS and more.


Once your project is in play, your dedicated account manager will coordinate the required resources, oversee the quality and report on results.

In the meantime, we will manage your privacy best practices, monitor them closely and perform root cause analysis to gain valuable insights.


Pipeline hygiene ensures that you don’t just get any leads but qualified leads. We perform tasks where we identify and eliminate poor-quality sales leads that are not realistic, are duplicates and haven’t advanced in a long time.

This leaves us with clean, free of clutter and focused data of high-quality leads. We maintain the sales pipeline health for identifying opportunities and activities in the middle of the funnel to convert into closed/won opportunities.


10-119 + Hours Monthly – Fixed Rate Based on Requirements

If the project requires less than 120 hours monthly, we will work with you on a fixed rate to facilitate your requirements.

120 + Hours Monthly – Requires Knowledge of Your Business

If the project requires knowledge of your business and you will need more than 120 hours per month, our hourly rate is $20 per hour.

120 + Hours Monthly – Does Not Require Knowledge of Your Business

If the project does not require knowledge of your business, our hourly rate is $16 per hour.

Our Results

CRO Sky Rocket’s Sales Through Changing Approach to Sales

Company Increases MRR Substantially Through CRM Clean-Up and Prospect List Management

Fractional CEO Consulting Leads to a Major Innovation/Modernization Setting the Stage for a Massive Scale Up In New Business

CRO Sees 62% Increase in New Account Registrations Through HubSpot CRM Project

Want this kind of growth?

Data Administration FAQs

Many companies that have attempted outsourcing overseas often encounter challenges related to quality, turnaround time and the need for extensive personal oversight. As a result, the expected cost savings may not materialize, considering the valuable time invested in overseeing the process.

When you factor in the true value of your time and that of your team, it becomes important to evaluate the overall cost-effectiveness. Plus, offshore resources typically charge in USD. Even at rates as low as $7-$10 per hour, when converted to Canadian dollars, you can end up paying somewhere from $12-$15 CAD per hour for a junior resource.

While our accounts are managed and overseen in Canada, we maintain a global workforce that has been extensively trained and managed to handle the tactical aspects of data entry and administration.

Our on-shore team in Canada supervises quality assurance and analysis, ensuring that we deliver work that meets Canadian-level quality standards. This combination allows us to offer competitive rates while maintaining the high standards you expect.

When considering the expenses associated with recruitment, training, salary, benefits and turnover, our services represent only a fraction of the cost compared to hiring an in-house resource.

Additionally, we offer scalability, allowing you to easily acquire additional resources if needed without the hassle and expense of recruiting and onboarding new in-house employees. This cost-effective approach provides flexibility and efficiency in your business operations.

Each of our clients is assigned a dedicated account manager based in Canada who possesses expertise across various platforms.

During the training of our resources for data entry and database administration, your account manager will actively participate in the process. This ensures that they completely understand your specific requirements and can oversee quality control at the highest standards inside and out.

With a skilled account manager by your side, you can expect personalized support and exceptional service throughout our collaboration.

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