Fractional CEO Consulting Leads to a Major Innovation/Modernization Setting the Stage for a Massive Scale Up In New Business

  • Buyer Process Mapping
  • Communication Planning
  • Conversion Path Mapping
  • Custom Wordpress Website
  • Data Entry
  • Database Administration
  • Database Management
  • Fractional CEO Consulting
  • Hubspot CRM
  • Project Planning
  • Technology Consulting


Our client’s onboarding process was antiquated causing new opportunities to have to go through a multi-step, largely manual process while the competition was digitizing their onboarding, making it easier for customers to purchase products and services. Adaptability challenges along with gaps in internal resources, expertise and capability was holding the company back. They’re a great team with great people, but they needed support to modernize.




National Technology Company

Fractional CEO consulting

The Opportunity

We saw an opportunity to align the marketing, website, CRM and customer service through a single technology that was capable of digitizing the onboarding process.

The Plan

  • Implement HubSpot MarketingHub+ SalesHub+ ServiceHub to align all three teams on the same platform.
  • Customize HubSpot and reporting to the specific business needs for better lead handling and measurement.
  • Introduce automation to let the website and automated communication shoulder improved customer communications.
  • Automate the entire account set up process to occur on the website with complete integration into HubSpot including automation of lead assignment and statuses.

The Results

  • Reduced the onboarding process from six steps and one week down to two steps and one business day.
  • Eliminated support inquiries coming into sales not getting over the fence to customer service.
  • Increased sales capabilities exponentially.


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