Top 100 High Value Prospect Lists

Our top 100 lists dwarf the intent data you get from automated insights tools that scrape the internet and other sources. Set your sales team up for success and significantly accelerate sales through higher quality prospects who: *know your brand, *where you know their pain (product/service of interest) and *how interested they are!

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Quality Over Quantity Leads to Real Results

If you are looking for a list that enables you to blast out emails – this is not the type of list for you.

The company that purchases this type of list has a sales team that is structured to call prospects and close deals.

These lists are different because they not only provide you with a company, industry, company size, decision-maker and contact information but they also pinpoint which of your products/services is most interesting to each prospect. In addition, they will have engaged with your brand as it relates to that product/service. Each one represents significant opportunity.

Insights tools often rely on bulk data and an aggregation of “breadcrumbs” to form intent data. Our lists are different because the intent is extremely current. These lists can be delivered within eight days of intent and engagement being demonstrated. Also, lists generated through insights tools aren’t CASL compliant. However, our lists retain this compliance for the first five months that you have them.

Start accelerating your sales team’s numbers through our top 100 lists today.

Top 100 Lists


Leveraging social PPC we engage companies with your brand as it relates to specific products and services you want to sell. Our targeting enables us to identify who likely engaged and subsequently leverage insights tools along with good old-fashioned research (three additional touchpoints) to deliver the most accurate contact information possible.

Data is delivered within 10 days of the prospect engaging with your brand, so it is extremely current.


We target prospects by:

  • Company
  • Industry
  • Size – number of employees
  • Size – revenue
  • Location
  • Demographics
  • Need/pain

Insights tools often rely on bulk data and so intent data is often not current, in addition many contacts may have left companies or have scraped emails that lead to high bounce rates and are problematic.

Our top 100 lists include only companies who actually engaged with your brand and subsequent research that ensures high accuracy in the decision makers information.


Top 100 lists can be delivered within 10 business days of prospects engaging with your brand.

Top 100 lists are delivered in Excel format but depending on your CRM we can upload to your CRM, label and assign prospects.

  • Top 100 lists are $3,500.00 per month ($35.00 per prospect).
  • You must purchase at least 1 top 100 list monthly.
  • You must provide 6 images with each top 100 list campaign.
  • If you require CRM administration there is an additional cost.

Our Results

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Technology Company Lands $400k Contract in First 30 Days Through a Single Lead Generated by Pulsion

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