Social PPC Management (Pay-Per-Click Ads)

When social PPC is working correctly, the value of the click outweighs its cost. We help you accelerate sales and build brand authority through paid ads on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and more.

Social PPC Management

Why Choose Pulsion to Smash Your Social PPC Goals?

Leveraging paid ad campaigns on social media is a unique way to amp brand authority whether you have a strong social presence or not.

Social media advertising allows you to tap into an already-established user pool and capture their attention through compelling ads. But for consistency, exposure and long-term growth, it’s equally important to choose the right platforms, implement effective targeting practices and maintain thought-out ad scheduling strategies.

At our core, we know what works, what doesn’t and the most linear path to success depending on your objectives.

We Launch Strategic Campaigns that Drive Predictable and Measurable Results

There are dozens of strategies for PPC, but we choose the ideal PPC strategy that’s right for your business. Our social media pay-per-click service includes planning, strategy, ad content, targeting and more to ensure that your spending goes further and that you gain actionable insights from the results.

When social PPC becomes challenging for large companies in competitive industries, our team uses strategies such as geotargeting, competitive targeting, remarketing and more to overcome these obstacles.

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What We Do


We work with just about every social platform that offers pay-per-click, though some of the most popular include Meta platforms (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp), X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, TikTok and more.


Social PPC is very different than Google PPC, as Google PPC is search-based, while social PPC targets prospects by user profile (buyer persona).

In social PPC, once the targeted criteria are established, the social platform displays your ad/ads to the prospect repeatedly. However, without a strong strategy, your social PPC efforts can fail to appeal to the buyer persona.

We have extensive experience in social PPC, and we will help you develop a strategy depending on your objectives. In terms of content, we will tailor targeting strategies to create focused content, manage ad creative variations and handle the nitty-gritty of formatting, tagging and other details. 

We don’t throw things at the wall and hope they stick; instead, we’re here to help with platform selection, optimizing ad placements (including prospects’ timelines, message inboxes and sidebars on social platform pages), identifying necessary supporting assets, analyzing analytics, etc. This way, we will help you determine the right targeting and a personalized strategy to reach your objectives. 

Additionally, you will have your very own dedicated “Success Manager” assigned to your account, who will evaluate your results and act on the insights gained.


Amongst all the interesting ways to target prospects using social PPC, we will use the following approaches based on what best suits your needs. A few of those include:

  • Your existing client lists
  • Lookalike list (the social platform will display your ads to profiles resembling those included in the uploaded email list)
  • Demographics  – location, sex, age, etc.
  • Background – profession, industry, education, etc.
  • Interests – things your prospects are interested in
  • Mutual connections
  • Remarketing and more

We will help you determine the right targeting to achieve your objectives.


Our team will create ad content that supports your message, including text, CTAs and visuals.


We offer a turnkey solution that includes ad setup based on the criteria outlined in the overall plan.


Our “Success Manager” will create your ads, monitor and moderate comments, review analytics and deliver reports that include measurable results and insights.


Analysis and measurement are essential components of our strategy. With each ad campaign, we look into learnings and mine valuable insights that can help us accelerate your results.

A great example of this was one of our clients who was running national campaigns. The data showed us that for some markets, we needed geotargeting and market-specific content. The result? A 400% increase in conversions.

Measuring data at the right frequency, A/B testing and applying well-thought-out planning are drivers that lead our clients to success.

Our Results

CRO Attends Conference with Five Major Intros Lined Up by Pulsion and Lands Quarter Million Dollar Opportunity

Geotargeting Strategy and Data-Driven Analytics Led to Significant Visibility Across Various Canadian Provinces

Social Media Marketing Led a Law Firm to Move from Posts to Page One on Google Search Rankings

Leveraged Social Media Strategies Right from the Start for Increased Visibility, Growth and Conversions

Want this kind of growth?

Social PPC Management FAQs

Google PPC ads and social PPC ads are similar because they both involve setting a daily budget and paying for advertising based on the number of clicks from prospects. However, they differ in their approach: Google PPC is keyword-driven (triggered when a prospect types specific terms in the search engine), while social PPC targets buyer profiles.

In the context of social PPC, when you run an ad targeting a specific audience, it shows the ads to that audience multiple times, typically around 6-9 instances. An excellent social PPC campaign demands a delicate balance between content, budget and frequency. Displaying ads too frequently or repetitively can lead to ad blindness, a phenomenon where the prospects begin to overlook or ignore the ads.

Social PPC is very inexpensive, often costing less than Google PPC.

There are a lot of reasons why, but here are some frequent factors:

  • Incorrect budget – either excessive or insufficient
  • Inaccurate ad duration planning
  • Inappropriate content creation for the ad
  • Improper ad formatting
  • Excessively broad audience targeting
  • Soft CTA
  • A CTA that does not align with the conversion point
  • Supporting assets doesn’t encourage conversion or follow best practices

If you’re having trouble with your ad campaigns, we can provide assistance and expertise to optimize your strategies and achieve better results. Contact us today.

Social PPC offers a range of targeting options for effective audience reach. These include demographics, interests, custom audiences, lookalike audiences, retargeting, connections, placement, device, language, income, life events and specific interests. Leveraging these targeting options, we can help you tailor your campaigns and increase the impact of your social PPC strategy.

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