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Sales leaders who receive sales performance management support see their department’s sales skyrocket.

Sales Performance Management

Take the Guesswork Out of Managing Your Sales Team's Activity

As a sales leader, you’re well-versed in everything sales. However, in high-achieving organizations, disturbance can divert your attention from this knowledge, causing you to become less informed about every lead and increasingly reliant on the data provided by your team. You may wonder why the team isn’t smashing sales or maintaining consistent excellence, yet you can’t pinpoint the reason. This is usually the case when there are holes in the sales apparatus.

Stay in the Know and Drive More Sales

Our sales performance management solution provides you with the purview of your digital sales. We ensure your data is accurate, organized and consistent with your KPIs. This transparency equips you with real, actionable insights ready for implementation. 

How are the leads being handled? Are they being handled quickly? How many touch points are sales actually making? Are salespeople leveraging CRM automation? What is the lead follow-up time? We have many case studies showing how fixing bottlenecks in the process led to an immediate sales uplift.

What We Do


We help ensure that your sales strategy is in sync with your company’s goals and that everyone within your organization is working towards the same objectives. We achieve this by identifying inefficiencies in the sales process and establishing clear metrics and KPIs to gauge your sales team’s performance.

With our sales consultation, we help you grow account penetration, improve sales velocity and discover best practices within your sales team.

Leveraging our extensive experience as a HubSpot partner, your team will gain access to a comprehensive suite of tools, including marketing, CRM and more. This will enable you to optimize your operations and concentrate on closing better, bigger deals.


Time is money, and we can save you both. This is why we provide data entry and database management services for as low as $16 per hour (minimum hours apply).

Instead of handling your data independently and unintentionally skipping out on a whole lot of information, we take care of it for you, allowing you to expedite your time-to-value.


We install call tracking technology on your web assets to track all calls, including their source, keywords used, call time, call outcome and call recording.

We routinely conduct call analysis for our clients to measure their sales team’s response time, quality of interactions and overall effectiveness. This proactive approach helps pinpoint areas for improvement, leading to a quick increase in sales performance.


We ensure that people discover, learn about, follow and ultimately convert into loyal customers for your business. And to accomplish this, it’s essential to track and analyze their behaviour.

We tap into the data goldmine and pull out advanced insights, data points, behavioural information and more. We also diligently maintain pipeline hygiene by removing unqualified, disengaged leads and prospects that can otherwise lead to wasted communication. This will allow you to concentrate your efforts on prospects ready to move through the sales funnel, resulting in shorter sales cycles and cost reduction.  

Regular reporting and meetings are an integral part of our service, aimed at ensuring the completeness and alignment of your database management. Through these reports, your sales team gains the insights needed to make informed decisions and target clear, high-quality leads primed for conversions.


Our team is well-versed in a wide range of CRMs such as HubSpot, Act-On, Salesforce (custom environments), Microsoft Dynamics and industry-specific customized databases. We consistently undergo training in new ones depending on our client’s needs. 

With our sales CRM support analysis, you and your team can access advanced analysis such as sales attribution modelling, opportunity tracking, sales pipeline management, reporting etc. These capabilities help your sales team to analyze performance, glue gaps and streamline workflows. Using the support at hand, you can also predict sales forecasts and effectively monitor opportunities for your growth.

Our Results

CRO Sky Rocket’s Sales Through Changing Approach to Sales

CRO Sees 62% Increase in New Account Registrations Through HubSpot CRM Project

150% Sales Growth After Sealing the Data Gaps and Troubleshooting Sales Challenges

Pipeline Hygiene Improved Data Quality and Led to Sales Performance Gains in Both B2B and B2C Markets

Want this kind of growth?

Sales Performance Management FAQs

Sales performance management goes beyond reporting by providing actionable insights, goal setting, tracking and performance accountability. It helps you make informed decisions, optimize sales outcomes and drive continuous improvements in your sales team’s performance.

Sales performance management leads to increased revenue by providing you with a deeper understanding of your organization’s sales activities. This knowledge allows you to make swift improvements and ensure that your sales team operates optimally.

By having insights into the performance of individual sales representatives, identifying areas for improvement and taking prompt actions, you can enhance sales effectiveness, close more deals and ultimately drive more revenue.

You can gain insights into various aspects, such as how leads are being handled, the speed of lead follow-ups, the number of touch points your sales team is making and whether salespeople are effectively leveraging CRM automation. Fixing bottlenecks in these areas can result in immediate sales improvement, better performance and a boost in revenue.

Sales performance management should be an ongoing process. The business environment is dynamic, and sales strategies need to adapt to changing market conditions. Regularly reviewing and adjusting ensures that your sales team continues to meet and exceed their targets.

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