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Our client operated a chartered accounting firm and wanted to expand its service offerings to new clients. They also aimed to explore new niche markets in order to become more competitive in their industry.


York Region


National Accounting Firm

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The Opportunity

We proposed a late tax filing program with a separate fixed fee structure. In addition to accounting fees, this approach allowed the firm to reach out to prospects who had several years of unfiled returns and offer a new service to address compliance-related requirements.

The Plan

Our primary goal was to increase the profitability of tax filers. With this goal in mind, our efforts included:

  • Business Strategy: Developed workflows and pricing structures to support the program.
  • Strategic Branding: Devised a strategic branding approach to align with the new service offerings.
  • Marketing Strategy: Created a complete plan including highly customized radio ads, WordPress website, social media engagement, organic SEO optimization, Google PPC campaigns and social selling to generate referral business.
  • Training and Support: Provided training and on-site support, assisting the client in selling the new service and engaging with actual clients.

Our digital marketing strategy focused on educating our client’s target audience about the difficulties and consequences of late tax returns. Our goal was to create a truthful relationship with them and encourage them to seek guidance and support.

Average Sale Price of New Service
Monthly New Revenue - By Month 3
Overall ROI

The Results

Within a mere 3 months of launching the program, our client started acquiring an average of 7 new clients per month. These clients were signing up for retainers, which translated to an average of 3,000 monthly, exclusively for tax consulting services. (This figure does not include the separate fees billed for tax return preparation services, which were charged in addition to the tax consulting fees.)

After reviewing the first year’s numbers, the client achieved 455% of ROI. The client’s website traffic increased, with over 3,000 monthly visits. They also built a strong social media following on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, along with improved organic rankings on Google.

Our social selling efforts on LinkedIn resulted in new, profitable relationships and a large number of recurring client referrals.

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