Sales Performance Management Via Data-Driven Interventions Led to Immediate Sales Improvement for an IT Company

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Our client was a national IT company. Lately, they have been having some difficulties related to sales performance management. In this case study, we will talk about how, with our data-driven approach, we were able to resolve issues for our client.




National IT Company

The Opportunity

The client faced major challenges, some of which included call droppings, an increase in unqualified leads, inadequate lead follow-up and more. This led to the loss of potential customers, which directly impacted their sales conversion rates.

The Plan

Our analysis revealed that leads generated by forms were not being followed up. In fact, the sales team only pursued a small percentage of the leads, and most of them were overlooked during the busiest periods of the day. On top of that, the sales were not updating the CRM, which led to inaccurate data accuracy. 

After talking with the client, we also added AI live chat to their website to increase customer engagement. This would allow prospective customers to get assistance and helpful information right away.

To ensure that no leads were left unattended, even during peak times, we used sales automation to nurture leads in a methodical manner. Side by side, we also identified and addressed the phone system issue.

We made site modifications to pluck out non-qualified leads and channelled them away from the sales team. This was a great help for salespeople and allowed the salespeople to focus on high-potential prospects.

We began working on the CRM to improve the data accuracy. Our goal was to give sales leadership increased insight into team performance and highlight areas for immediate improvements.

The Results

Through our efforts, the leadership team was now able to retrain and make strategic changes within the sales department. This, in turn, led to immediate improvements in sales performance management.

Our phone system upgrades also reduced prospect waiting times from 2 minutes to under 30 seconds. This reduced the call abandonment rate by 80%.

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