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A leading international technology company approached us with the goal of increasing its online visibility, producing high-quality leads and interacting with its target audience. In order to meet these goals, they partnered with us to implement advanced strategies for social media marketing management, including video campaigns, content creation and more.




International Technology Company

Social media strategies case study

The Opportunity

Our client had clear objectives in mind. They wanted to communicate their competitive pricing to a targeted audience of high-quality individuals who were seeking IT services. Social media platforms offer a great way to establish meaningful connections and use visual content to reach a wider audience.

The Plan

After analyzing the market and determining the client’s needs, our marketing team created a customized plan.

We first began by initiating a targeted video marketing campaign with a goal to highlight the company’s services and expertise. The video was shared across multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and more. The campaign was met with huge success and resulted in many new high-quality leads. 

On Twitter, we continued sharing the company’s updates and news from the industry while interacting with the followers. Similarly, on Facebook, we replied to customer inquiries on time. We also managed the company’s LinkedIn presence, connected with industry professionals in the field and shared content to nurture these relationships. Following the video campaign, we received a high influx of messages and queries, and we prioritized responding to each one in a timely manner. 

We also created a content calendar with blogs, tweets and blogs in it. This content was carefully formulated to highlight thought leadership and give viewers insightful information.

Consistent engagement and personalized outreach were key components of our strategy.

The Results

The video marketing and social media efforts contributed to a steady stream of high-quality leads. This lead translated into an increase in inquiries, a growing number of regular visitors and an increase in post sharing, which led to more conversions.

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