You Don’t Need to be Everywhere; You Need to Be in The Right Places

Do you sell professional services to other businesses? Does your marketing team have you everywhere, producing content and managing presences for “brand” while you are not even sure what you are getting out of your social media? 

This probably sounds familiar and your marketing team is not wrong. You should have a social media presence to prop up your brand credibility, but each platform is an investment in time and content. Do you really need to be on “the big five” – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X, TikTok?

If you are selling in a business-to-business space, the answer is “no”. In fact, focusing on building yourself up on your core platform with the most members who meet your targeted criteria (and are most likely to do business when on that social platform) is the best way to see your social media investment monetize.

For business-to-business, LinkedIn is hands-down our favourite and for obvious reasons:

  • Prospects can be identified by title, size of company, industry and a host of other information. 
  • You can network in groups filled only with your target prospects.
  • Sales Navigator makes outreach easy.
  • PPC products can be leveraged to create very powerful marketing lists.

PLUS, when users come to LinkedIn, it is a professional networking platform, so they have their business hat on.

Smaller companies (10-300) who need to stretch every dollar of the marketing budget should be pooling their resources here with a strategy to measure and produce conversions. 

Visits, clicks and likes are great but how does that translate into actual sales?

If you want to participate on other platforms because your audience is also there then you should leverage paid ads to do so. You can target specific demographics through paid ads on Instagram, Facebook, X and TikTok to promote services without the investment of maintaining an actual presence. Sites like TikTok and Instagram can be very expensive and resource-intensive in terms of maintaining a presence that gets results. Did you know, that for your business to even show in Reels you would need to be posting three video reels daily? 

There is no point in maintaining presences that aren’t producing when those efforts could be poured into one presence that is more likely to produce. 

A LinkedIn-based strategy would use a combination of diversity of post content on the company page, group sharing in professional network groups, paid ads to targeted audiences and direct outreach. This combination gets results.

You don’t need to be everywhere. You need to be in the right places. For more information about strengthening your LinkedIn strategy please visit