Growth Marketing Agency: A Fad or the Future?

Coined by entrepreneur Sean Ellis in 2010, growth marketing, and particularly growth hacking, has become a bit of a buzzword in marketing circles ever since. Like all buzzwords, it’s reasonable to ask whether this is a fad or something sustainable into the future. The fact is that so long as there’s digital marketing, businesses will need a growth marketing agency.

What Is a Growth Marketing Agency?

By definition, a growth marketing agency uses data-driven and customer-centric strategies to target the growth of a business from a customer’s usability perspective. Growth marketers will examine the entire customer journey looking for opportunities to optimize using structured solutions. So, if a business has a KPI they’re looking to increase, will conduct experiments and measure results to deliver evidence-based solutions.

To put it simply, a growth marketing agency uses the scientific method to optimize digital marketing tools.

The Future of Digital Marketing

  • Personalization vs Privacy

A recent whitepaper from SmarterHQ revealed some mixed signals from consumers about privacy and personalization. While 72 per cent of consumers say the only engage with marketing messages tailored to their interests, nearly 80 per cent believe companies know too much about  them.

In fact, over 60 per cent of consumers said they would stop buying from brands that came across as “creepy.” Yet 90 per cent are still willing to share behavioural data if it means a cheaper and easier experience.

So, what marketing tools are considered creepy and some OK? That depends on the business, the consumer, and the platform. There are a lot of variables to consider. Threading the line between personalization and privacy will be a big challenge going forward into 2022; a growth marketing agency can identify the key datapoints to measure to deliver the right message that feels personal but doesn’t cross the line.

  • Strategic SEO

Content will still be king in 2022. Blogging, email, and social media posts can generate brand awareness and convince customers to act, ultimately driving revenue. The key is getting them to pay attention—less than 6 per cent of pages will rank in the top ten Google results within a year for at least one keyword. This is crucial because 75 per cent of people never scroll past the first page of search results.

The solution to this problem is search engine optimization (SEO). However, strategic SEO is much more than throwing together a string of high-ranking keywords. “High quality,” says Sales Hack Head of Content Brooklin Nash involves “capturing niche and long-tail keywords and creating content that’s more engaging than all the ‘Ultimate Guides’ and ‘Top 55′ lists.”

Indeed, strategic SEO is becoming an arms race heading into 2022, as nearly 70 per cent of marketers invested in SEO in 2021, up 5 per cent from 2020. Businesses can’t afford to be left behind.

As algorithms become more sophisticated and customers become more informed, businesses need to stay ahead of the curve with their digital marketing campaigns. If you’re looking for a growth marketing agency that will deliver measurable results, please contact us today.