How to measure the effectiveness of your inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is the process of growing a business through valuable and meaningful customer relationships that attract, engage, and delight prospects at each stage of the customer’s journey.

Marketers focus on solutions that help new prospects gain value, feel supported, and feel connected to the brand. Inbound marketing focuses on driving traffic, lead generation, and increasing conversions through value content and nurture.

It’s important to measure the effectiveness of your inbound marketing to gather valuable data and information that will help you improve your strategy and make future marketing decisions about the direction of your overall marketing initiatives.

First, let’s look at the important metrics that you should be tracking for your inbound marketing success:

  • Organic growth each month.
  • Social engagement.
  • Lead generation.
  • Forecasted conversions.

Organic growth measures your website traffic each month. An effective inbound marketing strategy should drive traffic to your website, and you should see measurable increases every month or quarter.

Social engagement refers to the combination of followers, conversations, connections, blog subscribers, and email contacts generated from your social media platforms. It also refers to the number of people that view and interact with your social ads or become leads through your social media page. The latter is the more important metric that you should be tracking, but each information is useful to gauge the effectiveness of your inbound strategy.

Lead generation is one of the most important goals of your inbound marketing. You should track the number of leads generated from your content pieces, campaigns, and channels to determine which solutions are driving the most results.

Forecasted conversions help you determine if your inbound marketing efforts are on the right upward trend. When you have enough data, you can measure the expected performance of your inbound marketing to determine whether your initiatives will continue to drive increased organic growth, social engagement, land lead generation. It’s also a good indication of predicted revenue from inbound marketing.

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