Outbound Marketing: B2B Growth Part 5

In the previous post on this series on B2B growth, we discussed social selling and how it’s a powerful tool to build trust with your buyer persona as well as provide insight for personalization. In this post, we’ll discuss more on using data for personalization in this case for outbound marketing, and how it can complement your social selling strategy.

Intent Data

In previous posts in this series, we’ve emphasized that B2B buyers are performing most of their research online before they reach out to a sales rep. Another way to address this challenge is by using intent data.

In a word, intent data provides insight into who is researching a product. A third-party site like ZoomInfo tracks online consumption of content such as product reviews, blogs, infographics, message boards, case studies, news, and more. This data can show whether a buyer is interested in your solution and offer that precious opportunity to jump in before your competitors.

Over 70 per cent of B2B marketers use intent data in email marketing and more than 60 per cent agree intent data improves nurturing and personalization. Furthermore, ZoomInfo Engage, a platform providing automated emails, auto-dial capabilities, and multi-touch prospecting campaigns, offers native integration with ZoomInfo’s B2B database, giving users a powerful outbound marketing tool.

Social Selling and Intent Data

LinkedIn is one of the strongest channels for B2B social selling. Over 800 million professionals use the networking service, including more than 60 million decision-makers. LinkedIn claims that 45 per cent of all social media traffic to a company’s homepage comes from their service. In one case study, a company explains how 94 per cent of leads through their LinkedIn campaign were sales-accepted by using the service’s conversion tracking.

Combining ZoomInfo and LinkedIn social selling creates a dynamic outbound marketing duo. Using intent data, you can find out who’s actively searching for your solution in real-time. Then on ZoomInfo’s dashboard, you can select a prospect, and if you’re connected on LinkedIn, you can select the icon and then message them easily.

If you’ve managed your social selling strategy on LinkedIn, that means this prospect knows and trusts your brand. Furthermore, you know they’re actively researching your solution. Everything is primed now to deliver a personalized message for a homerun.

We Can Help

As you can see, there are a few moving parts here. Luckily, Pulsion has the expertise and knowledge in all these relevant digital marketing tools. We can help you develop a data-driven one-two punch of social selling and outbound marketing. Your growth targets won’t know what hit them!

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