The Power of Facebook Groups for Sales Prospecting

You might already be using Facebook for your business marketing, but if you’re not using Facebook Groups you could be missing a big opportunity for sales prospecting.

Facebook Groups are communities were people sharing interests, job titles, location, and more can discuss topics relevant to them — and they are excellent for lead generation.

When you use Facebook Groups, you can:

  • Find people in your target demographic.
  • Post relevant, weekly discussions to build relationships and create recognition.
  • Direct message people who seem ready to buy.
  • And more!

Often, B2B (business-to-business) marketers might focus directly on LinkedIn Groups for finding prospects, but this can be a mistake. Facebook Groups have just as much potential — perhaps even more.

Bigger User Base

Facebook has more than 2.2 billion users, with around a billion of those active members. LinkedIn has just over 575 million total users. Even if all 575 million were active, that would still be less than Facebook. So, when you use Facebook Groups, you are reaching a potentially wider audience.

More Personal

While LinkedIn is more for professionals and business connections, don’t let that deter you from Facebook Groups. Many professionals still spend their time on Facebook. Plus, because Facebook isn’t necessarily a professional’s network, your prospects could pay more attention to their groups there. They’re not thinking in a business frame of mind, so they may feel less sold to.

As Facebook is less formal, you can use this to your advantage in other ways, too. Rather than connecting with a potential business prospect, you might think about connecting with other people through your own personality and struggles. You never know where a lead will come from, and any networking can help.

Greater Sharing Potential

Also, with Facebook groups, you have the potential to share a wider variety of content, including photos, videos, create events, host live webinars, tag other members, and more. This can allow you to create more personalized messages, or even just switch up what you are presenting and to whom.

Once a Facebook member is part of a group, the post content appears on their News Feed, whereas with LinkedIn, members have to either search for the group, or wait for the digest email.

Start Your Own Facebook Group

Can’t find a group that suits your needs? Start your own! You might be able to find people who fit your buyer persona and turn prospects into leads.

Facebook groups make a great supplement to your social media marketing. Best of all, you don’t have to manage it on your own. Through the Pulsion Marketing Enhanced Facebook services, we take care of Facebook group discussions and posting for you, so you only receive the most primed leads.

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