Use This Speed to Lead Strategy to Break Out of Stagnant Growth

When discussing digital marketing, it’s easy to get carried away with all the bells and whistles out there. But, in the end, what really matters to your business is whether you’re converting leads into sales. And in today’s rapid digital economy, time matters, which is why speed to lead can make all the difference.

Neglecting Speed to Lead

Too often digital marketers overcommit to the top of the marketing funnel. SEO, PPC, social media, etc. are all important tools to draw visitors. However, if you haven’t committed enough resources to the bottom of the funnel, converting website visitors to leads and closed sales, then what’s the point?

According to one study, 55 per cent of B2B companies took five days or more to respond to a lead. Even worse, 12 per cent didn’t respond at all. This is especially egregious when you realize that 75 per cent of prospects do business with the company that contacts them first. Ignoring this kind of low-hanging fruit suggests these companies don’t actually want any business.

How to Improve Speed to Lead

An easy first step to improving your speed to lead is to make your customer’s touch points as frictionless as possible. Do not take your customers’ attention span for granted. If they find your website annoying to navigate, they’ll quickly move on to a competitor.

Audit your website design to determine whether:

  • It’s easy to find contact information.
  • There’s a visible CTA
  • Lead forms are simple to complete.
  • There are multiple ways to contact you.
  • There are clear expectations for customers after they contact you.

The next step is smoothing any friction on your end. Automation is your friend here. If a customer fills out a lead form, there should be an automated reply that lets the prospect know as clearly as possible what to expect as the next step. In turn, there should be immediate notification to your sales team of the new prospect.

There are tools available that you can use to create repeatable processes for responding to prospects. Over time, you will accumulate data, which you will be able to analyze to uncover insights, enabling optimization.

Win More Business

As a growth marketing agency, Pulsion understands the value of the entire sales funnel. We can help you optimize your speed to lead, boosting conversion. Our data-driven methodologies put your buyer persona first, allowing us to nurture them all along the customer journey.

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