Two Canadian Digital Marketing Agencies Join Forces to Create New Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

NOVEMBER 19, 2018

TORONTO – Marketing Force and Above the Fold Media have exciting news to share. They have joined forces to create a brand-new, full-service digital marketing agency: Pulsion Marketing.

Pulsion Marketing is a fully Canadian digital marketing and communications company that combines purpose-filled marketing with strategic content creation. It excels in social media, Inbound, influencer marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click, and beyond.

“Providing more value to clients and more diverse services is critical in the digital media age,” said Courtney Jewell, the founder of Marketing Force and the Vice President of Operations at Pulsion. “I have been offering social media, Inbound, and content marketing to my clients for years, but increasingly we were hearing demand for advanced SEO and pay-per-click services. This allows us to offer more.”

Jewell founded Marketing Force in 2008.

David Sahly founded Above the Fold Media,  a search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) focused agency, in 2014.

“Above the Fold offered exceptional SEO and PPC services, but we had clients asking us for more content marketing, Inbound campaigns, and web work,” said Sahly, the Vice President of Business Development at Pulsion. “This is a perfect union because a digital marketing agency in today’s ever-changing landscape must be able to offer diverse services. The fusion of our teams sets the stage to do just that.”

Pulsion Marketing will offer turn-key, outsourced services and solutions to several core industries, including financial, real estate, consumer packaged goods (CPG), enterprise resource planning (ERP), technology, and more. With staff well-versed in all of these areas, plus advanced digital marketing, it means that Pulsion will be able to provide solutions without extensive training.

“We are your marketing team’s best ally,” said Jewell. “We know that many executives and sales teams are strapped for time. It’s not that they don’t know how to use digital marketing — it’s that they don’t have enough resources or hours in the day to execute in all the areas they need to be.”

When a company chooses Pulsion, they receive industry-level knowledge, plus digital marketing execution they can rely on.

“It’s all scalable, too,” said Sahly. “That’s what’s really brilliant about this. If a company has a large project coming up, or wants to try SEO or Inbound marketing, for example, they don’t have to commit to a huge amount of resources. They can work with Pulsion to execute projects on an as-needed basis.”

This also includes turnover. By outsourcing specific digital marketing activities, companies can ensure consistency in content and approach – regardless of what happens in-house.

What this means for businesses is less time spent recruiting and training new hires, researching new digital marketing tools, and executing campaigns.

“At Pulsion, we have team members who are experts in writing, experts in web development, experts in PPC marketing, experts in AODA, the list goes on…” said Jewell. “If you were to hire all of those resources in house, it would become so expensive, not to mention you might not have enough full-time work to justify the added staff.”

“What we see happen often,” Sahly added, “is that companies try to assign these roles to junior personnel. There is a general perception that ‘younger’ team members know social media, for example.”

Unfortunately, that isn’t always the best move. According to Sahly, this can result in reputation management issues and lack of best practices. While content may be posted, it might not possess all of the needed elements, or be shared in a way that achieves maximum value and exposure.

In addition, when digital marketing is done in-house, it is often assigned to staff who also have other roles to fulfill.

“This makes it really hard to see digital — which is critical in this day and age — get the focus and attention that it needs,” said Sahly.

“Plus, if that person gets busy with something else at the company — which is probably really important — the digital marketing component slides to the backburner. When you choose an agency like Pulsion, you ensure that your digital marketing is always kept front and centre.”

Not only does Pulsion Marketing offer outsourced digital marketing services, but they also offer the opportunity to improve your in-house skills through digital marketing training and downloadable resources, such as eBooks and webinars.

Should your sales team want to improve their LinkedIn techniques, for example, there’s training for that. Or if you want to make sure your web components are AODA-compliant, the Pulsion training can teach you how to check.

“Our aim is to make a business’s digital marketing as robust as possible,” said Sahly. “If there’s something they want to do in-house, but don’t know how, we’ll teach them. If they just want to be able to have a more nuanced conversation with us when outsourcing their digital marketing, that’s great, too.”

“Our team is fully Canadian, fully trained, and fully ready to help you make the most of your digital marketing,” said Jewell. “We can’t wait to get started.”

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