What is the LinkedIn Social Selling Index?

LinkedIn has consistently grown in the past few years.

Today, the platform is 690+ million professionals strong.

You may already be using LinkedIn to build relationships, engage with other professionals, and sell your solutions.

If you are .. it is worth learning about your LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI).

It is a score that gives you insights about your professional brand, on LinkedIn, and helps you see how effective you are at leveraging your profile to attract leads and grow your network.

How is SSI Calculated? 

There are four pillars that make up this score.

i) Establishing your professional brand

This is based on your profile, so a complete and professional profile plays an important role in boosting your score. Additionally, LinkedIn focuses a lot on thought leadership. So, publishing meaningful posts, insightful blogs, and growing your followers can be helpful.

ii) Find the right people

When it comes to social selling it’s all about finding the right prospects. You can improve your score in this area by engaging with decision-makers and business leaders – either organically or through LinkedIn’s tools like the Sales Navigator.

iii) Engage with insights

Another metric is how active you are on the platform when it comes to initiating and nurturing relationships through the content you create and share. Everything counts, be it likes, shares, or comments. Participating in LinkedIn group discussions can also help!

iv) Build relationships

This pillar builds on other pillars. It measures your ability to connect with and establish relationships with peers and decision-makers. For instance, how are you leveraging your growing network to reach prospects, how well connected you are internally with your own organization, and how are you nurturing relationships over time.

What is my LinkedIn Social Selling Index score?

Are you curious to see where your profile stands when it comes to SSI? Accessing your SSI score is quite simple.

All you need to do is log in to your LinkedIn profile and then click here.

Once your score appears on the screen, you can see how well your LinkedIn profile ranks compared to those of other industry professionals as well as your network.

Why Should I Work on SSI Score?

One commonly asked question is why should entrepreneurs, business leaders, or sales professionals work on their SSI scores?

Well, the main reason is that social selling is where the market is headed, especially in times like these where physical interaction is limited.

With social selling, the focus is on starting engaging conversations, so it’s not just about sales. It’s about building long-term relationships that can help your business in the long-run.

Data shows that:

  • Social selling leaders are able to create 45% more opportunities than individuals who have a lower SSI.
  • Those with a higher SSI score are 51%more likely to reach the quota.
  • 78%of social sellers outsell those who don’t use social media.

How Can I Improve My Social Selling Index?

You can build your score by:

  • Drafting and sharing thought-provoking, relevant content. Informative or inspirational content can not only help you engage with more people but also find prospects who share similar values/interests.
  • Growing and nurturing your network.
  • Being consistent.
  • Being yourself and expressing your thoughts! It always helps to share personal experiences or anecdotes and provide your perspective on key topics in your industry.

At the end of the day, it’s about conversations and connections!

If you’d like support in building your profile, gaining visibility, and successfully establishing valuable connections – we can help.

At Pulsion Marketing, we have helped business leaders increase their SSI and significantly grow their networks. To learn how we can assist you, call 1-888-701-4441 or visit www.digiforcemarketing.ca for a free consultation.