MedTech Company Established Brand Presence in Canada as a Result of Our Tailored Content Strategy

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Our client works in the health space and has recently faced challenges trying to boost their sales in the competitive Canadian market. Since they had exclusive access to medical devices, our client’s goal was to reach healthcare professionals, including surgeons, chiropractors, sports doctors and more. To achieve this goal, a specialized content and marketing direction was required.




MedTech Device Company

The Opportunity

Our client wanted to find new and improved ways to position in the Canadian market and attract high-quality leads. The key aspect was to inform, educate and target professionals about the new medical devices that could address 98% of their daily issues.

The Plan

Based on our detailed market analysis, we developed a strategy that targets the Canadian market and is in line with their buyer persona. We implemented an industry-leading organic SEO strategy that improved the client’s online visibility and rankings in search engine results pages.

For a stronger online presence, we recommended a brand-new, custom marketing website that houses all their medical devices in one place. In terms of the website’s content, we optimized their existing content and crafted new, engaging material, including blogs, articles, web copy and multimedia content, all tailored to their target audience. We created a mix of promotional and instructional content to educate and engage the target audience and to guide them in adopting these effective technologies.

The Results

Our digital content creation efforts improved the lead quality. A higher percentage of leads started converting into new and repeat clients. Our strategic content marketing efforts helped our client strengthen their position in the Canadian market.

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