Dominated Search Rankings and Drove Quality Leads for a Canadian Bankruptcy Trustee

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In this case study, we will talk about our client, who was a bankruptcy trustee. Our client had specific goals to rank for industry-specific keywords and establish themselves as a trusted authority in the field. They required our help to develop their website, create communication strategies, and provide professional SEO services to attract high-quality leads. 




Insolvency Firm

The Opportunity

As the number of bankruptcy cases was rising, our client saw an open opportunity to connect with potential individuals and businesses in need of their expertise. They wanted to make the most out of this time and rank well for certain keywords to drive high-quality leads.

The Plan

Keeping our client’s objectives in mind, we designed and developed a website that was visually appealing and user-friendly. Our team ensured that their website clearly communicated their expertise throughout the website.

Our team conducted in-depth keyword research and implemented on-page and off-page optimization techniques to increase search engine rankings. We also ensured that our client’s website was relevant to the targeted search terms.

After that, we improved the website’s loading speed and added a clear call-to-action.

We developed a thoughtful communications and marketing strategy. As part of this strategy, we defined the target audience, crafted compelling content and picked the most effective channels to reach potential clients. Based on our strategy, we produced customized and unique content, including blogs, web copy, ads, promos and more.

We integrated strong analytics tools into our client’s websites. This helped us monitor important metrics like website traffic, lead conversions, and keyword rankings and evaluate the effectiveness of our digital marketing campaigns. This data guided us in making data-driven decisions for maximum effectiveness.

The Results

Following our efforts, our client quickly gained high rankings for all three of their targeted keywords. This also led to an increase in visibility, followed by an influx of high-quality leads and an improved online presence.

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